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Designed to combat the limitations existing in current blockchains in order to bring more practicality - speed - power - security and unlimited scalability.
Low Fees
Low fees

One of the most discussed factors these days is the high transaction fees. We've managed to create an environment where transaction fees are super low and with fixed amounts that don't vary.


Integrate once and never worry about scaling again. We ensure composition in ecosystem projects, maintaining a single global state as the network grows. Never deal with fragmented chain systems.

Low Latency
Low Latency

With a speed never seen before, we promise to bring you the best that a blockchain ecosystem can bring with the speed and latency lower than a centralized payments network can bring.

Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security

The biggest problem for coins is the likelihood of 51 percent attacks once the master nodes are breached. However, since it uses a POS and POH architecture for consensus, it dissuades validators from affecting the value of the coin adversely

Smart Contract
Smart Contract

Smart contracts are a widespread form of transactions. These are programs that run on each node and modify the state. Thus, digital contracts are automatically executed.

Asic Attack Resistance
Asic Attack Resistance

For ASIC attacks during Partitions, the Rate at which bonds are unstaked is non-linear, and for networks with large partitions the rate is orders of magnitude slower then expected gains from an ASIC attack.

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Network Design

The eVESTX blockchain ecosystem has two chains, the main chain, and the side chain, both with different purposes, but following the same consensus logic. In the main chain, at any time a system node is designated as a leader to generate a History Proof sequence, providing the global network with reading consistency and a verifiable time passage. The Leader sequences user messages and orders them so they can be efficiently processed by other nodes in the system, maximizing throughput. The Side Chain runs side by side with the Main Chain, which, unlike the Main Chain, has EVM compatibility. EVM compatibility was chosen because the first practical and widely used smart contract platform is Ethereum. The implementation should leave room for the sidechain to keep up with more Ethereum updates. Staking-based consensus is greener and leaves a more flexible option for community governance.

Consensus: PoH and PoS

Proof of History is a sequence of computations that can provide a way to cryptographically verify the passage of time between two events. The verifying can still be done in parallel and it’s discussed in Section. Because the initial process is still sequential, we can then tell that things entered into the sequence must have occurred sometime before the future hashed value was computed. By periodically synchronizing the generators, each generator can then handle a portion of external traffic, thus the overall system can handle a larger amount of events to track at the cost of true-time accuracy due to network latencies between the generators.

This specific instance of Proof of Stake is designed for quick confirmation of the current sequence produced by the Proof of History generator, for voting and selecting the next Proof of History generator, and for punishing any misbehaving validators. The user can issue an unlink transaction to remove them. N is a dynamic value based on the proportion of stale and active votes. N increases as the number of stale votes increases. A supermajority is 2/3rds of the validators weighted by their bonds. A supermajority vote indicates that the network has reached consensus, and at least 1/3rd of the network would have had to vote maliciously for this branch to be invalid.


The Side Chain runs side by side with the Main Chain, which, unlike the Main Chain, has EVM compatibility. This means that most dApps, ecosystem components, and tools will work in the sidechain and require zero or minimal changes. Staking-based consensus is greener and leaves a more flexible option for community governance.


Decentralized blockchain solutions have a scaling problem. In addition to low transaction rates, maintaining quick finality while the network scales is a major problem and many current solutions compromise decentralisation.

Through VestXHybrid's “Tsunami” network communication innovation, finality times reduce exponentially as the network grows. This means we can expect ~500ms finality up through 40s of thousands of nodes and beyond.

Use Cases


Decentralized exchanges

Main Chain was created and designed with the aim of benefiting decentralized exchanges so that they can be a trading system that never touches users' private keys. The entire order book is securely included in the replicated state of the blockchain, where each trade has a native trade transaction on the blockchain.


Payment is the basis for using a blockchain, where adoption and scalability are inevitable paths. Designed for a low transaction cost, eVESTX offers the best that a blockchain can bring in this regard, fast as sound propagation and with costs less than US$ 0.00001, it outperforms other blockchains and centralized services by several times without any effort.

Distributed Web and Storage

The Web3 revolution will change the way the world works, along with the decentralization of the internet as we know it, this is very close to happening. To make this possible, VestXHybrid blockchain is being designed to enable this future to be real, fast, secure and decentralized. It can allow the decentralization of numerous file storage systems.

DApps Development friendly

With EVM compatibility, the creation and development of platforms and smart contracts become simpler and more effective. With this, you don't have to rewrite the entire code from scratch in a way you are not familiar with, giving you the option of just migrating to a blockchain with low costs and high performances.


Because future is bright

Our Roadmap

November, 2021

* Organisation
* Planning

December, 2021

* Development of Project Website
* development of Whitepaper
* Development of Yellowpaper

January, 2022

* Development of VestXHybrid Blockchain ( Mainchain and Sidechain )

June, 2022

* Development of Bridges Eth, BSC & Polygon
* Development of VestXHybrid Wallets
- Desktop Wallet (Window, Linux & MacOS)
- Development of Mobile Android Wallet
- Development of Browser Wallet Extention

June, 2022

* Completion of VestXHybrid Decentralized Exchange
* Swap VestXCoin to eVESTX
* Airdrop
* Launch of VestXHybrid DEX

3rd Quarter, 2022

* Development of a VestXHybrid NFT Marketplace

4th Quarter, 2022

* Development of VestXHybrid Social Apps

2nd Quarter, 2023

* Development of VestXHybrid Play2Earn Games

4th Quarter, 2023

* VestXHybrid Skill Acquisition & Empowerment Platforms - Phase A

2nd Quarter, 2024

* VestXHybrid Skill Acquisition & Empowerment Platforms - Phase B

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